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If you want us to treat domestic properties, schools, busy Doctor's Surgery and commercial premises we promise to give everyone the same Professional and Effective treatment to ensure you and your visitors are safe.

We are trained in the use of AntiMicrobial products, we adhere to UK Health & Safety Regulations, Risk Assessment and other Safe Working Practices.

Formula 429

We use a product called Formula 429 plus, which is food safe, this has been tried, tested and trusted by NHS in the UK for the fight against e.Coli, MRSA and many other forms of infections, bacteria and viruses.

Formula 429 Plus - Brett Cleaning Services

Formula 429 Plus is a water based, odourless clear multi-surface liquid cleaner.

We effectively seal the area to be treated, protect electrical and other sensitive areas and apply the Formula solution. This would normally be by a controlled machine or a simple spray wipe.

The machine method is called 'Fogging' because it is a fog or mist that is applied to all surfaces.

The treatment takes an average time of 1-2 hours, and can vary depending on the size of the area. The area is tested before and after treatment. People and animals can return 1 hour after completion. The treatment can last for up to 3 weeks but has been tested to 12 weeks and later in some circumstances.

Independent testing has been carried out at Manchester Royal Infirmary and St Barts Hospital, London. A Signed and Dated Certificate is issued declaring successful treatment.

What is Formula 429 Plus

This describes general usage and characteristics of the patented ingredient 429.

Fogging Procedure - Brett Cleaning Services

Description: At micro level it combats all micro-organisms. Effective for control of E. coli, S.aureus, Enterococcus hirae, Baclllus suttillis, MRSA, C.difficlie, Asperquillus niger, Listeria, Salmonella, Legionella pneumophila.

Non Toxic: Formula 429 Plus has no attendant risks of toxicity usually associated with other products used. It is odourless.

Performance: Undeniably the main attribute of Formula 429 Plus is the prolonged residual action of preventing viable micro-organisms from developing. It keeps working so is great value for money.

Non-Corrosive: Designed for multi-surface work including all metals. Keep your chrome work and other surfaces clean and safe.

NHS Gold Standard: It actually out performs the current Gold Standard recommended by the NHS.

Customer Experience: Feedback from customers is that it works fast and everyone is very happy that it can last for months. The area is ready to be used 1 hour after completion of work. The affected areas are tested before and after to confirm no chemicals remain.

Fogging Procedure

  • Setup external flap door and signage to avoid contamination spreading (above step only needed if people or animals are present)
  • Setup internal door and signage if possible
  • Seal all appliances, electrical outlets, alarms etc.
  • Attach evidence strip (this tests that areas are treated)
  • Carry out Fogging with Formula 429 Plus
  • Remove evidence strip and treat that area
  • De-seal all appliances and outlets and wipe down (dispose of wipes)
  • Tidy & remove Fogging equipment, clothing from area and exit room/area
  • Seal room/area and ensure warning signage can be seen until safe to re-enter
  • Test room/area with evidence strip to verify chemical is cleared
  • Remove all flap door and warning signage after levels acceptable and signed off
  • A company signed Certificate is issued on completion of the treatment
  • All protective clothing and any disposable wipes will be sealed and removed


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Brett Cleaning are located in Deal, Kent. For more information on the services we provide please contact us or call us on 07735 980468.

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